Awards & Accomplishments

Nationally recognized as a model of public and stakeholder engagement to plan for a high quality of life while respecting property rights, Envision Utah has reached many milestones and received many awards for its efforts.


  • Energy in Excellence Collaboration Award: Envision Utah was awarded the Energy in Excellence Collaboration award by Governor Gary R. Herbert for bringing companies together to create a vision for the future of Utah's energy production and consumption.
  • American Planning Association (Utah Chapter) Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Envision Utah, in conjunction with the City of Layton, released the final Envision Layton vision.
  • Dr. Deneece Huftalin, President of Salt Lake Community College, spoke to hundreds of community leaders at the annual Corporate Friends Breakfast. She addressed the economics of college access and its role in developing a strong workforce for Utah’s future. 


  • Community Partner of the Year Award: Envision Utah was awarded the Community Partner of the Year award by the Salt Lake Chamber for being a great community partner and leader.
  • After two years of working with residents and stakeholders of Madison County, Idaho, Envision Utah released the final Envision Madison vision, which provides a path forward for the entire county as it continues to grow in parallel with BYU-Idaho’s growth.
  • The action teams for each of the eleven topics of the Your Utah, Your Future process prepared several alternative scenarios for the future as the state almost doubles in population by 2050.
  • Envision Utah prepared an online survey to share scenarios with the public and ask for the public’s view of the ideal future. Through a large public outreach campaign, 52,845 Utahns took the survey during a two-month period.
  • Envision Utah worked with Dan Jones/Cicero to conduct a random sample survey to cross-check the survey results from 52,845 Utahns.
  • A series of prominent media stories accompanied the release of survey data on each of the eleven topics.
  • Working with the action teams for each of the eleven topics, Envision Utah prepared and released the final vision for Utah, including specific visions for each of the eleven topics.
  • Governor Gary Herbert announced the final Your Utah, Your Future vision at the annual Common Good Awards, where Envision Utah honored the State of Utah Government Leadership; the 52,845 voices who participated in the Your Utah, Your Future survey; Envision Utah’s Youth Council; and the Utah Transit Authority, then and now.
  • Envision Utah launched an effort to work with Utah County, local farmers, and other stakeholders to create a toolbox of options to ensure Utah County’s agricultural lands thrive for many years to come.
  • Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., former Utah governor and presidential candidate, spoke to hundreds of community leaders at the annual Corporate Friends Breakfast.
  • Envision Utah began working with Get Healthy Utah to launch a process and campaign aimed at improving Utahns’ health through better diet and exercise.
  • Envision Utah kicked off an effort with Provo City to create a Clean Air Toolkit filled with steps residents, businesses, city staff, and other organizations can take to reduce their emissions.


  • Visionary Partner Award: Envision Utah was awarded the Visionary Partner Award from Morgan Stanley for creating a great vision for Utah's future.
  • Working with UCAIR, Envision Utah prepared and ran a public education campaign to help Utahns understand the steps they can take to reduce their emissions and clean the air.
  • The Clean Air Action Team delivered recommendations to the Governor and the Utah Legislature for steps that can be taken to clean the air.
  • As part of the Your Utah, Your Future process, Envision Utah convened action teams to study eleven different topics and prepare alternative scenarios for 2050.
  • Envision Utah traveled throughout the state to seek input about the issues the state faces.
  • Envision Utah worked with Heart+Mind Strategies to study Utahns values and perceptions for the eleven topics being studied in the Your Utah, Your Future process.
  • Envision Utah honored United Way of Salt Lake and Rico Brand Foods at the annual Common Good Awards. At the event, Utah Valley University President Dr. Matthew S. Holland delivered the keynote address.
  • Working with the action teams for each topic, Envision Utah released an online interactive module to solicit public input regarding the choices for each of the eleven topics of Your Utah, Your Future.
  • Matthew Eyring, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Vivint Inc., spoke to hundreds of community leaders at the annual Corporate Friends Breakfast about Utah as a potential home base for some of the strongest new growth businesses, including the Internet of Things.
  • Envision Utah worked with communities around the country as a capacity builder to teach how to do regional visioning.


  • Governor Gary Hevert kicked off to the Your Utah, Your Future process, a multi-year effort to bring Utahns together to establish a vision across eleven different issues as we alomst double in popultion by 2050.
  • Envision Utah worked with Heart+Mind Strategies to study Utahns’ values and perceptions related to air quality.
  • At Governor Gary Herbert’s request, Envision Utah convened the Clean Air Action Team, a diverse group of stakeholders tasked with recommending solutions for cleaning Utah’s air.
  • At Governor Gary Herbert’s request, Envision Utah convened the State Water Strategy Advisory Team to prepare a recommended state water strategy to provide water to a population that is expected to double by 2060.
  • As part of the Wasatch Choice for 2040 effort, Envision Utah facilitated public processes for the downtown Salt Lake City streetcar and the Meadowbrook Station, emphasizing the involvement of those not traditionally participating in community efforts.
  • Envision Utah created an interactive resource on managing a public process, including elementary values analysis, behind-the-scenes activities for successful community involvement, developing scenarios, potential tools, and managing workshops.
  • Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California, provided the keynote to over 300 people at the Corporate Friends Breakfast, where he identified the Wasatch Front as one of the more successful regions in the country to help minorities and individuals with low incomes successfully be integrated.
  • Mike Leavitt, former Utah governor, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, spoke to over 300 community leaders on building alliances and finding allies at the Common Good Awards Luncheon, which honored Fidelity Investments and Guadalupe School for their significant community impact.
  • Envision Utah kicked-off the Envision Madison public process in Madison County, Idaho to explore "town and gown" issues.


  • American Planning Association (Utah Chapter) Special Recognition Award: Awarded for Past & Continuing Contributions to Planning in the State of Utah
  • American Planning Association (Utah Chapter) Outstanding Achievement Award: Awarded for the Master Plan for Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow.
  • Envision Utah celebrated its 15 anniversary. Envision Utah has facilitated over 40 regional and local visioning processes, involving well over 50,000 in over 400 workshops. The Envision Utah model of civic engagement has influenced nearly 100 regions in the United States as well as more than a dozen countries.
  • Envision Utah began to educate organizations from 44 states on how to develop grassroots, market-driven scenarios. This "capacity building" process has involved webinars, hosting conferences, and providing one-on-on support.
  • Ambassador Jon Huntsman, a former chair of Envision Utah, kicked-off its 15th anniversary celebration at the annual Corporate Friends Breakfast with over 300 business leaders.
  • Through the Wasatch Choice for 2040 effort, Envision Utah hosted local visioning efforts at two catalytic sites.
  • The National Association of Development Organizations honored Envision Utah for its work in the Bear Lake Valley Blueprint.
  • Held the eleventh Envision Utah Governor's Quality Growth Awards, which has honored to date 99 organizations, developers and individuals whose actions promote quality growth, innovative development, and strategic land preservations.
  • At our 17th annual Common Good Awards Luncheon before over 400 community leaders, Envision Utah honored Spencer F. Eccles with the first Common Good Visionary Award for his tremendous contributions in helping ensure the future vitality of Utah and its residents.


  • National Association of Development Organizations Innovation Award: Awarded for the Bear Lake Valley Blueprint.
  • American Planning Association (Utah Chapter) Outstanding Achievement Award: Awarded for the Bear Lake Valley Blueprint.
  • A partnership of Envision Utah, the Wasatch Front Regional Council, Salt Lake County, Mountainland Association of Governments, University of Utah, Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association, Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, and Salt Lake City kicked-off the Wasatch Choice for 2040 effort to create the relationships and tools to implement this four-county land-use and transportation vision.
  • Envision Utah and citizens and elected officials from Rich County, Utah and Bear Lake County, Idaho unveiled the Bear Lake Valley Blueprint, which was based on participation from over 1,000 residents.
  • Envision Utah wins Harvard's Bright Ideas Award.
  • Envision Utah partners with the State of Wyoming to facilitate the High Plains Initiative to preserve the Wyoming that residents love while preparing for the changes associated with growth and development.
  • The American Chamber of Commerce Executives and the Alliance for Regional Stewardship honored Envision Utah with its Ten Award for Distinguished Achievement in Sustained Regional Stewardship.
  • Envision Utah hosted 54 leaders from Central Florida for three days to learn why Utah is getting so much national attention for its success in regional planning, economic development, and transportation.
  • Held the tenth Envision Utah Governor's Quality Growth Awards, which has honored to date 93 organizations, developers and individuals.


  • American Planning Association of Utah Award: The Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association honored two Envision Utah-facilitated processes. Envision Cache Valley received the Outstanding Achievement: Plan Development award and Blueprint Jordan River received the Outstanding Achievement: Unique Contribution award.
  • Alliance for Regional Stewardship Ten Award for Distinguished Achievement in Sustained Regional Stewardship
  • Envision Utah coordinated the creation of the Jordan River Commission, which has representation from 15 cities and three counties.
  • Completed the Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow process, which involved more than 16,000 residents and resulted in over 25,000 comments received.
  • At our Corporate Friends Breakfast, Bishop David H. David Burton, Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gave a progress report (to 300 business leaders) on City Creek, the largest mixed-use project in Salt Lake City.
  • Completed the Envision Cache Valley visioning process, which concluded with the Cache Valley Regional Council, a group of elected officials representing Cache and Franklin Counties, which adopted the vision and plans to oversee its implementation.
  • Envision Utah partnered with Salt Lake County, the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association, the University of Utah, Utah Transit Authority, and the Wasatch Front Regional Council to host the 'Placemaking with Transit' educational forum with 250 elected officials, city staff, consultants, real estate developers, and others.
    Held the ninth Envision Utah Governor's Quality Growth Awards, honoring 89 awards to date.


  • Released the 3% Strategy to guide future land development along significant transportation corridors
  • Began the Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow process to update Salt Lake County's 1989 canyon master plan
  • Began the Envision Cache Valley visioning effort to explore growth issues that cross a state boundary
  • Released the Envision Morgan report and Morgan County is amending its general plan to implement the recommendations
  • Held the 7th Governors Quality Growth Awards, honoring 82 entities to date.
  • Released Blueprint Jordan River report and began obtaining municipal resolutions in support of the principles


  • Sandy Summit Award: Sandy City awarded Envision Utah with its Sandy Summit Award for the "Sandy for the 21st Century" downtown vision.
  • Facilitated Sandy City's downtown vision
  • Facilitated Blueprint Jordan River, the first publicly-supported vision for the 58 mile Jordan River Corridor
  • Managed the Envision Morgan process for one of Utah's fastest growing counties
  • Conducted transit-oriented development educational forum
  • Facilitated our first out-of-state process, Missoula, Montana's long-range transportation plan
  • Released Vision Dixie report, a "triumph of cooperation," according to a Deseret News editorial
  • Worked with GOPB to generate the 2008 Utah Baseline Report


  • American Planning Association of Utah Award: The Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association gave Envision Utah its Award of Merit for Historic Preservation for the Historic Sandy Neighborhood Plan.
  • Nature Conservancy Award: The Nature Conservancy honored Envision Utah with its Conservation Partnership Award "for its track record of successful community planning efforts throughout the state, which promotes the wise and balanced use of both human and natural resources."
  • Utah Transit Authority Award: The Utah Transit Authority honored Envision Utah with the Commuter Vision Award for its commitment to encouraging alternative transportation options to complement automobile travel.
  • Received the Nature Conservancy's Conservation Partnership Award
  • Held last of 22 public meetings to gather input for
  • Washington County's Vision Dixie
  • Began meeting with 15 municipalities and 3 counties to set stage for Blueprint Jordan River visioning process
  • Received the Utah Transit Authority's Commuter Vision Award
  • Developed disaster preparedness recommendations for Governor Huntsman


  • Utah Botanical Center Award: Utah State University's Utah Botanical Center honored Envision Utah with its inaugural award for exhibiting "leadership and a long-standing commitment to the stewardship of natural resources in the Intermountain West."
  • Played a key role in the Salt Lake Chamber's ambitious
  • Downtown Rising process on the city's future
  • Released the Wasatch Choices 2040 report which formed the basis for the long-range transportation plan
  • Began the Vision Dixie process in Washington County, one of the nation's fastest regions
  • Received Utah Botanical Garden's Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Conducted forum on disaster preparedness efforts at the request of Governor Jon Huntsman
  • Utah's two largest MPO's adopted the Wasatch Choices 2040 principles
  • Facilitated community workshops to update Sandy City's Historic District Plan
  • Weber County Commission adopted the Ogden Valley Recreational Plan
  • Facilitated a community process to revitalize Bountiful City's Historic Fort District
  • Sponsored Workforce Housing Education Forum and compiled a housing resource
  • Created the Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions toolbox and released it at an educational forum
  • Held the 6th annual Governor's Quality Growth Awards


  • Over 1,000 attended Wasatch Choices 2040 workshops to vision transportation and land-use in four counties
  • Facilitated the Bountiful Main Street Study to help the city adapt to changing economic trends
  • Created the Municipal Economic Development Toolbox and held an accompanying educational forum
  • Provided analysis on 300 acres in Woodland Hills
  • Held the 5th annual Governor's Quality Growth Awards
  • Conducted massive shared transportation solutions public awareness campaign
  • Developed updated general plans for Brigham City and Perry City
  • Completed Visioning Workshops for Kearns, Magna and Millcreek
  • Developing iMPACS software to help local governments plan with growth costs and water use in mind


  • Alliance for Regional Stewardship Award: Created by the Alliance for Regional Stewardship, The Regional Stewardship Award recognizes multi-city and multi-county communities that have abandoned rivalries, pooled resources and worked together to ensure their shared prosperity. To be considered for the award, regions had to show tangible progress along four dimensions: livable community, innovative economy, collaborative governance, and social inclusion.
  • Utah Heritage Foundation Award: The Utah Heritage Foundation gave Envision Utah an award for its Copperton Township General Plan.
  • Received Alliance for Regional Stewardship's Gold Award
  • Conducted massive affordable housing public awareness campaign on myths and facts
  • Sponsored Roundtable Discussion on the Local Sales Tax
  • Held 4th annual Envision Utah Governor's Quality Growth Awards, recognizing 50 entities to date
  • Facilitated Perry City Community Workshop
  • Facilitated Millcreek Community Workshops
  • Provided on-going Transfer-of-Development Rights training in Davis County
  • Began Ogden Valley Recreational General Plan Vision
  • Began formal study of Transfer-of-Development Rights in Tooele County
  • Facilitated the signing of the Mountain View Vision Voluntary Agreement by all mayors along the corridor
  • Began to scope the Wasatch Transportation and Land-Use Vision for four counties
  • Played a major role in organizing business community to encourage Build-Out of Public Transportation


  • Utah Society of the American Institute of Architects Award: The Utah Society of the American Institute of Architects gave its Merit Award for the Wasatch Front Transit Oriented Development Guidelines.
  • Partnered with 16 communities/other stakeholders for the Mountain View Transportation Corridor
  • Facilitated the Tooele Valley Regional Plan, which was adopted in its entirety
  • Engaged West Valley City and Sandy to develop TOD sites
  • Implemented the Davis County Shorelands Plan
  • Sponsored Understanding Transfer-of-Development Rights and Understanding the 2002 U.S. Farm Bill
  • Worked with 200 community leaders to renew and re-prioritize the Quality Growth Strategy
  • Assisted Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City to create the Salt Lake County Shorelands Vision
  • Facilitated the North Logan Community Vision
  • Facilitated modifications to Wasatch Front Regional Council's 2030 Long-Range Plan
  • Committed funds and staff resources to add a recreational component to the Ogden Valley General Plan
  • Provided tools, analysis and technical expertise to help Kearns and Magna update their general plans
  • Partnered with the National Energy Foundation to create Envision Your Future, an educational tool for students
  • Partnered to begin creating IMPACS (Municipal Infrastructure Cost Modeling)
  • Began Brigham City Community Vision
  • Facilitated affordable housing stakeholder process to develop an alliance of affordable housing entities


  • American Planning Association Award: The Daniel Burnham Award is one of the most prestigious planning awards in the nation. The award, named after the legendary urban planner responsible for creating the Chicago Plan of 1909 –considered one of the nation's first examples of comprehensive planning – is not awarded each year. It is reserved for projects that stand apart from the rest as models of success.
  • American Planning Association of Utah Award: The Utah American Planning Association honored Envision Utah in Urban Design for its Wasatch Front Transit Oriented Development Guidelines; in Unique Contribution for its Envision Your Future educational curriculum; and in Plan Achievement for the Davis County Shorelands Master Plan.
  • Urban Land Institute Award: For 25 years, the Urban Land Institute's Awards for Excellence program has honored outstanding development projects throughout the world. With each award, the public becomes more keenly aware of the benefits of superior planning, design, and development, a goal of both the Institute and the development industry. The ULI Awards for Excellence program is now widely recognized as the development community's most prestigious awards program.
  • Utah Quality Growth Commission Award: The Utah Quality Growth Commission gave Envision Utah a Commendation for its Quality Growth Awards and for its efforts to encourage quality growth in Utah.
  • Coordinated the creation of a Regional Transportation and Land-Use Opportunities Strategy
  • Facilitated Layton, South Salt Lake, Murray and West Jordan TOD site plans
  • Created the West Weber Community Vision. (It was approved in 2003 and implementation began in 2004.)
  • Updated Toolbox of Urban Planning Tools for Quality Growth
  • Created Wasatch Front Transit-Oriented Guidelines
  • Sponsored "If Density is the Problem, Design is the Answer" educational forum
  • Sponsored: "Building Destinations Along the Way" educational forum
  • Received the APA's Daniel Burnham Award and the ULI's Award for Excellence


  • American Society of Landscape Architects Award: American Society of Landscape Architects gave its Honor Award for Envision Utah's Davis County Shorelands Master Plan.
  • State of Florida – Department of Transportation Award: A Certificate of Appreciation was given to Envision Utah for "outstanding and lasting contributions in the successful completion of the first ever federal, state and local government benchmarking study.
  • Began providing cities with resources to make specific changes to their codes, ordinances and general plans
  • Established the Envision Utah Governor's Quality Growth Awards
  • Co-sponsored an all-day Public Safety and Street Design
  • Symposium and a Water Conservation Conference
  • Sponsored a Tax Law Revision Retreat to explore state sales tax policy and land use planning


  • Virtual Frontier Award: The Virtual Frontier gave Envision Utah its Leadership Award for its efforts for engaging the public in quality growth efforts.
  • International Telework Association and Council Award: The International Telework Association and Council honored Envision Utah for its planning efforts to encourage telework to add to the region's quality of life.
  • United States Department of Housing Award: The United States Department of Housing (HUD) recognized Envision Utah for its efforts in planning.
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency Award: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave Envision Utah its Environmental Achievement Award for leadership in building a consensus on the Quality Growth Strategy for Utah's Wasatch Front.
  • Utah Transit Authority Award: The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) honored Envision Utah for its planning efforts to encourage public transportation as part of a balanced transportation approach.
  • Visited 89 city councils and county commissions to introduce the Quality Growth Strategy
  • Created the Toolbox of urban planning tools for quality growth and presented it to over 2700 community leaders.
  • Partnered with communities to create the Wall Avenue
  • Corridor Master Plan and Nebo Vision
  • Facilitated the creation of the Davis County Shorelands Vision Plan


  • Distributed the Envision Utah questionnaire to 600,000 residents (and had 17,000 respond)
  • Held three regional mapping workshops regarding implementing the public vision
  • Commissioned a consulting team to analyze housing market conditions throughout the region through 2020
  • Held six community design workshops for site specific areas demonstrating quality growth principles.
  • Released the Quality Growth Strategy


  • Hosted 17 map workshops as part of the development of alternative growth scenarios.
  • Hosted 7 community workshops exploring various development types to accommodate future growth.


  • Creation of Envision Utah
  • Coordinated the development of the Baseline Scenario through the input of 130 government agencies.
  • Creation of the Scenarios Committee to develop scenarios representing alternatives to current growth patterns


  • Obtained an appropriation from the Utah Legislature to develop computer growth modeling tools for GOPB