Evaluating Our Current Course

How do we evaluate our current course based on our values?

We identify indicators that can be used now to evaluate our current course and later to evaluate and compare alternative growth scenarios. Take a look at what matters to your region or community, and ask which set of measurements could be used to indicate whether community values are being upheld. The concept of "trade-offs" and how related variables impact one another can be especially helpful. For example, there is a relationship between growth patterns and the protection of open lands. If people live closer together and develop less land, there may be more access to views, wildlife and open lands for recreation and agricultural uses. There is also often a relationship between living on large lots and travel times. Large lots may require more travel time to get to day-today services and destinations. Some of these trade-offs are measurable.

Exploring the relationships among competing values and examining and measuring trade-offs provides a platform for communities to have a more objective dialogue about achieving their stated goals and values and exploring alternatives development patterns.

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