Your Utah. Your Future.

yourutah-smOur state’s population has doubled in the last thirty years, and we’re projected to add another 2.5 million people by 2050. We all love our high quality of life, our beautiful natural surroundings, and our strong economy. To protect those things that we value about living here, we need to establish a vision together for our Utah.

How we grow matters. Will we have clean air to breathe? Enough water for our needs? Transportation choices that promote a high quality of life? An affordable cost of living, with good housing options for everyone? Open space, including natural lands, agriculture, and recreational options? Quality jobs for all of us? An educated population? Affordable energy supplies that don't damage our air and environment? The answers to all of these questions depend on the choices we make. Explore the "Your Utah. Your Future." issues.

Envision Poll

Which Your Utah | Your Future focus area affects your life the most?

Air Quality - 43.3%
Economic Development - 6.7%
Education - 3.3%
Energy & Disaster Resilience - 0%
Housing & Cost of Living - 13.3%
Natural Lands, Agriculture & Recreation - 3.3%
Transportation & Communities - 23.3%
Water - 6.7%
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What's Current

  • Air Quality

    Air Quality

    Clean air is important for our health, to enjoy our beautiful outdoors, and for our ability to attract jobs to Utah. For most of the year, Utah’s air quality is among the best in the nation, but for a few weeks in the summer and the winter our weather patterns lead to poor air conditions.

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  • Wasatch Choice for 2040

    Wasatch Choice for 2040

    Wasatch Choice for 2040 considers how growth, transportation, and open space can be shaped for the next few decades to have outstanding positive impacts on the life of residents in the Greater Wasatch Area.

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  • Water


    Utah is one of the driest states in the nation. Our water is precious, and developing new supplies will cost billions of dollars. How can we best deal with water quality and supply issues for the next generation?

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  • Envision Madison

    Envision Madison

    Citizens of Madison County Idaho face unique challenges as a rural community with a large and growing university that is Brigham Young University-Idaho. How can they work together to accommodate student needs and create a vibrant central city that everyone can enjoy?

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