Who We Are

Envision Utah engages people to create and sustain communities that are beautiful, prosperous, healthy, and neighborly for current and future residents.

As part of the Sustainable Communities Grant Program, Envision Utah was selected as the leading team to build capacity in scenario planning processes, tools and techniques. Envision Utah is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public private partnership that facilitates informed public involvement to explore land use, transportation, and environmental solutions to the challenges presented by growth. Led by a diverse and influential board, Envision Utah's open, transparent grassroots approach inspires trust, gives residents a voice, and draws on public values, research, scenarios analysis, powerful technology and community visioning. Participants in our processes frequently express gratitude for the opportunity to share their ideas and to learn that we can accommodate change without sacrificing quality of life.

Envision Utah has been invited into regions experiencing concerns about growth and has successfully helped residents find common ground and a common vision for the future. Its innovative approach is replicable and overcomes skepticism often associated with government initiatives. Envision Utah has dramatically transformed the culture of regional planning in Utah—both in the formal mechanisms of project review criteria and process approach. Local governments are collaborating as never before, recognizing the regional impacts of their individual decisions. Envision Utah has initiated demonstration projects in dozens of jurisdictions in Utah and has shared its model with nearly 100 regions in the United States and 15 foreign countries. Envision Utah has presented educational forums on a range of topics, facilitated regional highway and public transportation projects, sponsored a variety of public awareness campaigns, and organized dozens of community stakeholder processes. We have partnered with local and national experts to create and develop new planning approaches and a range of innovative tools communities can tailor to their own needs.