Regional Visioning Projects

Envision Utah has been at the national forefront of community engaged scenario planning for nearly two decades. We share our award-winning scenario planning approach and extensive knowledge of regional visioning with the goal of helping other organizations, communities, decision makers, and activists to have the knowledge and tools to successfully conduct their own scenarios process. Below are some examples of our work with regional visioning.

The Wasatch Choice for 2040

wc2040-logoThe Wasatch Choice for 2040 is Utah's land-use and transportation vision for Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties, developed by elected officials and the public to improve our quality of life as our region experiences dramatic growth. Implementing the Vision will allow us to absorb a 65% population growth (1.4 million additional residents) over the next 30 years and at the same time enhance our economy, protect our beautiful natural areas, provide more choices for how we live and travel, save money and energy, and improve our air quality and health. A Wasatch Front partnership of business, community, and government entities is undertaking an innovative approach to create the relationships and tools necessary to implement the Wasatch Choice for 2040, with support from the HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative.

Learn more by visiting: The Wasatch Choice for 2040

The Bear Lake Valley Blueprint and Toolkit (2011)

The Bear Lake Valley Blueprint and Toolkit outlines a nine city, two-county, bi-state scenarios planning process in northern Utah and southeast Idaho. The process explored economic development, land use, population, transportation, recreation, agriculture, and natural resources in a region increasingly impacted by tourism.


Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow (2010)

Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow was a once in a generation opportunity for the public to guide the policies that impact the Salt Lake County Wasatch Canyons Master Plan for City Creek, Emigration, Red Butte, Parley's, Millcreek, Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyons.


Envision Cache Valley (2010)

Envision Cache Valley illustrates a scenarios planning process in northern Utah and southeast Idaho, an area featuring productive farmland and a high rate of population growth. The process explored land use, transportation, agriculture and natural resource impacts.


The Blueprint Jordan River (2007)

The Blueprint Jordan River is the first effort to develop a vision for the future of the entire Jordan River, which stretches more than 50 miles between Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake. The Blueprint process involved mayors, planning staff, and citizens from 15 cities and 3 counties.