Energy & Infrastructure

Energy & Infrastructure

Affordable energy supplies that don't damage our air and environment

We often take energy for granted so long as the lights turn on when we flip the switch. But costs for energy supplies like power and natural gas can make a substantial dent in household budgets. And how we produce and use our energy can have an impact on our air quality and our environment.

As we add another 2.5 million people by 2050, we'll need find ways to supply enough energy for everyone. That can be quite expensive as we build new power plants, electrical transmission lines, natural gas wells, and gas pipes—especially if we don't plan ahead and have to take out homes to build the new infrastructure. All of this can also harm our air quality, because burning natural gas for heating (even in our own furnaces or water heaters) or to produce electricity puts out air pollution. But if we reduce how much energy we use, we can all save money and improve our air and our environment at the same time. We can also expand alternative energy sources like wind and solar that don't have the same impact.


We've already started using less energy, and that needs to continue. For ideas on how to use less energy, check these resources: