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Jobs & Economy

Jobs & Economy


Our quality of life depends on our ability to find a good job. A strong economy provides opportunities for ourselves and our families and gives our children and grandchildren the option to live nearby.

Utah’s economy is among the strongest in the nation, with a wide selection of jobs. Will we have an educated population, the ability to move people and goods, clean air, low-cost energy, and other factors that we need to keep the economy strong?


How has Utah grown such a strong economy? There are a variety of answers. We have kept our regulatory environment business-friendly. We have kept our tax rates as low as possible. We have maintained a high quality of life, which provides a competitive advantage. We have a young, well-educated workforce. And we have been willing to embrace people who may not look or talk
like us as our neighbors, making them part of our overall economy.


• As we add another 2.5 million people by 2050, will our economy remain strong so that we and our children and grandchildren will have jobs?
• Will we have the transportation, water, and energy resources and infrastructure that businesses need?
• Will we retain our high quality of life, or will poor air quality, congestion, and other challenges reduce our economic competitiveness?
• As our demographics and workforce needs change, will our education system keep pace? Will we have the highly-skilled workforce that attracts quality employers and spurs economic growth?