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Big Choices

Utah is one of the driest states in the nation. Our water is precious, and developing new supplies will cost billions of dollars. If we want our children, grandchildren and new neighbors to be able to live here, we need to decide where the water will come from. Will we use less, take water from agriculture, or develop new supplies?

Heading in the Right Direction

In the late 1990s, when Envision Utah did its first large visioning effort, the average person in the Greater Wasatch Area used 319 gallons of water per day. Since that time, we’ve cut our water consumption by 25%, saving trillions of gallons per year. This was achieved by using less land for new houses, with smaller lot sizes, which means less outdoor watering. Also, we’ve been smarter about when and how we use our water. Using less water means we spend less on pipes, water treatment facilities, and other infrastructure.

Around the Bend

As we add another 2.5 million people by 2050, we will need to decide whether we will cut our water use even further—and how we can do so. We’ll also need to figure out how to fund needed repairs and new infrastructure to supply additional water where it’s needed. Will we move more water away from agriculture to serve our growing communities? As demand grows, it’s crucial that we find a way to balance competing water needs from agriculture, our homes and businesses, recreation and the natural environment.

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Meeting Summaries

State Water Strategy Advisory Team - Meeting Summary - 12/10/13
State Water Strategy Advisory Team - Meeting Summary - 1/16/14


Introduction to Your Utah. Your Future
Urban Water Use by Philip Stoker


Here are some websites that contain resources and tips for reducing how much water you use:

Slow the Flow: Includes summer lawn watering tips as well as general indoor and outdoor water usage tips.

slow the flow

Division of Water Resources: Includes Utah's water conservation plan, information about water-wise plants for Utah, and other water usage tips.


Utah's Water Future:

Includes white papers, audio recordings and meeting notes from meetings held around the state of Utah by 6 leading water experts. The Your Utah. Your Future. process will continue and build off of the work done by these six experts.

State Water Strategy Advisory Team Members

  • Tage Flint, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (co-chair)
  • Warren Peterson, Farmland Reserve Inc. (co-chair)
  • Timothy Hawkes, Trout Unlimited (co-chair)
  • Tom Berggren, Jones Waldo
  • Steve Schnoor, Rio Tinto
  • Stephanie Duer, SLC Public Utilities Water Conservation Coordinator
  • Eric Millis, Division of Water Resources
  • Steve Clyde, attorney, Clyde Snow
  • Kent Jones, State Engineer
  • Jane Whalen, Citizens for Dixie’s Future
  • Voneene Jorgensen, Bear River Water Cons. Dist., Utah Water Users Assoc.
  • Shane Pace, Sandy City Public Utilities
  • Bob Fotheringham, Cache County Water Manager
  • Sterling Brown, Utah Farm Bureau
  • Steve Erickson, Great Basin Water Network
  • Richard Bay, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
  • Ralph Okerlund, State Senator
  • Keith Grover, State Representative
  • Scott Jenkins, State Senator
  • Joel Briscoe, State Representative
  • Ron Thompson, Washington County Water Conservancy District
  • Walt Baker, Division of Water Quality
  • Leland Myers, South Davis Sewer District
  • Todd Brightwell, Economic Development Corporation of Utah
  • Joan DiGiorgio, The Nature Conservancy
  • Todd Bingham, Utah Manufacturers’ Assocation
  • Jodi Williams, attorney, Holland & Hart, URMCC
  • Charley Bulletts, Director, Paiute Consortium
  • Joanna Endter-Wada, College of Natural Resources, USU, IUTAH
  • Jodi Hoffman, Utah League of Cities and Towns
  • Dan McCool, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program, U of U
  • JT Martin, Integrated Water Management, Inc.
  • Mark Sovine, Grand County Water & Sewer District
  • Brad Peterson, Office of Outdoor Recreation
  • Keith Denos, Provo River Water Users Association
  • Robert Gillies, State Climatologist
  • Gene Shawcroft, Central Utah Water Conservancy District
  • Lynn de Freitas, Friends of Great Salt Lake
  • Dale Pierson, Rural Water Association of Utah
  • Wayne Pullan, Bureau of Reclamation, Provo Office