State Water Strategy Advisory Team

Meeting Summaries

State Water Strategy Advisory Team - Meeting Summary - 12/10/13
State Water Strategy Advisory Team - Meeting Summary - 1/16/14


Introduction to Your Utah. Your Future

Urban Water Use by Philip Stoker


  • Tage Flint, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (co-chair)
  • Warren Peterson, Farmland Reserve Inc. (co-chair)
  • Timothy Hawkes, Trout Unlimited (co-chair)
  • Tom Berggren, Jones Waldo
  • Steve Schnoor, Rio Tinto
  • Stephanie Duer, SLC Public Utilities Water Conservation Coordinator
  • Eric Millis, Division of Water Resources
  • Steve Clyde, attorney, Clyde Snow
  • Kent Jones, State Engineer
  • Jane Whalen, Citizens for Dixie’s Future
  • Voneene Jorgensen, Bear River Water Cons. Dist., Utah Water Users Assoc.
  • Shane Pace, Sandy City Public Utilities
  • Bob Fotheringham, Cache County Water Manager
  • Sterling Brown, Utah Farm Bureau
  • Steve Erickson, Great Basin Water Network
  • Richard Bay, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
  • Ralph Okerlund, State Senator
  • Keith Grover, State Representative
  • Scott Jenkins, State Senator
  • Joel Briscoe, State Representative
  • Ron Thompson, Washington County Water Conservancy District
  • Walt Baker, Division of Water Quality
  • Leland Myers, South Davis Sewer District
  • Todd Brightwell, Economic Development Corporation of Utah
  • Joan DiGiorgio, The Nature Conservancy
  • Todd Bingham, Utah Manufacturers’ Assocation
  • Jodi Williams, attorney, Holland & Hart, URMCC
  • Charley Bulletts, Director, Paiute Consortium
  • Joanna Endter-Wada, College of Natural Resources, USU, IUTAH
  • Jodi Hoffman, Utah League of Cities and Towns
  • Dan McCool, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program, U of U
  • JT Martin, Integrated Water Management, Inc.
  • Mark Sovine, Grand County Water & Sewer District
  • Brad Peterson, Office of Outdoor Recreation
  • Keith Denos, Provo River Water Users Association
  • Robert Gillies, State Climatologist
  • Gene Shawcroft, Central Utah Water Conservancy District
  • Lynn de Freitas, Friends of Great Salt Lake
  • Dale Pierson, Rural Water Association of Utah
  • Wayne Pullan, Bureau of Reclamation, Provo Office

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