Utah Water Strategy Recommendations

Creating a Long-Range Water Strategy

Utah's population will double by 2060, and all of those people—our children and grandchildren—will need water. Since 2013, Envision Utah has been facilitating the work of the State Water Strategy Advisory Team. This team consists of water managers, climatologists, university researchers, elected officials, environmental activists, and others who were convened by Envision Utah to examine the options, gather public input, and propose a 50-year water strategy to the governor’s office.

As of September 2016, the team's chairs completed the first full draft of its proposed water strategy recommendations. The recommendations are based on the following:

  • Input from public meetings held across the state. A small governor-appointed task force conducted a series of public meetings to discuss with Utahns possible solutions for meeting Utah’s water needs. In addition to the meetings, they also collected hundreds of online comments. This was a precursor to assembling the water advisory team.
  • Analysis and recommendations of a small governor-appointed task force. That same task force also wrote a series of white papers and made other analyses and recommendations for the future of water.
  • Envision Utah Values Study. In 2014, Envision Utah conducted extensive research to identify what Utahns care about most for determining their quality of life in the future. The study examined, among other issues, how Utahns feel about water, why water matters to Utahns, and how Utahns feel about other issues related to water.
  • The Your Utah, Your Future Vision for the Future of Water. In 2015, Envision Utah led the nation’s largest-ever effort to create a publicly supported vision for the future of the state. This effort included several different scenarios for the future of water, and received input from more than 52,000 Utahns as well as a random-sample survey. The resulting vision for water demonstrates Utahns understanding of the complexity of the issue and represents broad public support for a balanced approach to using water resources.

The current draft plan is being carefully examined and edited by all members of the advisory team to refine the document. During this process the advisory team is carefully considering the public feedback that has been received so far.

Public Review and Comment on the Draft Recommended Water Strategy

If you would like to review the draft water strategy and submit your own comments, you may do so below. Click on the image to download a PDF of the document. Then, click on the link below to view our comments form and submit your comments. For efficiency and ease of review, we ask that all comments be related to specific information and recommendations within the document. Please list a page number or small range of pages for each comment you submit. If you have comments on multiple sections or pages, please submit a new comment for each section.

You will be able to submit comments on this website until 11:59pm MDT on Monday, October 24, 2016. After that, the advisory team will review and consider your comments as they revise the draft recommendations.



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