Your Utah. Your Future.


Our state’s population has doubled in the last thirty years, and we’re projected to add another 2.5 million people by 2050. We all love our high quality of life, our beautiful natural surroundings, and our strong economy. To protect those things that we value about living here, we need to establish a vision together for our Utah and our future.

How we grow matters. 

Will we have clean air to breathe? Enough water for our needs? Transportation choices that promote a high quality of life? An affordable cost of living, with good housing options for everyone? Open space, including natural lands, agriculture, and recreational options? Quality jobs for all of us? An educated population? Affordable energy supplies that don't damage our air and environment? The answers to all of these questions depend on the choices we make.

Governor Gary Herbert has kicked off the Your Utah, Your Future effort which will tackle the following issues:

A diverse group of stakeholders and experts will be convened around each of these topic areas. Their job will be to take public input and to frame the choices so that we can all understand the options. Click on any of the topic areas and share your ideas to make sure they are considered.

Once the options are compiled, it is the job of all Utahns—it’s your job—to evaluate the choices and tell us what future you’d like to see, so continue to check back here and stay involved. Together we will create the Utah of the future, because a future left to chance is not a legacy we wish to leave.