Communicating the Message

It is important to strive to create a variety of opportunities for area residents to play a key role in the decision making process. Building relationships with area media, pursuing opportunities to pitch possible news stories, hosting special events, and updating reporters throughout the planning process will help engage and inform residents.

As part of annual public awareness campaigns, Envision Utah coordinated newspaper advertisements, guest op-eds, and television and radio spots to help educate the public about pertinent issues and their possible consequences. Educating residents is critical for informed public participation in the planning process. A good working relationship with local media has resulted in ongoing news coverage of our process and has provided residents with regular progress updates.


Listen Utah's local news radio program "CityViews" and listen in as planners, cities, and residents talk about the "Wasatch Choice for 2040" on Utah's community supported public radio station KPCW.


What will the Wasatch Front look like in 30 years? How do you want the region to develop? Tune in to hear more of the discussion!


Watch how Envision Utah helped shape the public dialogue on growth issues by incorporating values research into public service announcements.


Click the following newspaper headlines to read the full news articles that speak to community values and help keep readers up-to-date on current issues and projects.


View these political cartoons that helped call public attention to some of the pertinent issues facing Utah.


What’s your message? Use the Building the Message worksheet to help you effectively communicate your message to the public.

pdfBuilding the Message Worksheet