Frequently Asked Questions about Envision Tomorrow Plus.


How much does Envision Tomorrow+ cost?

Envision Tomorrow+ is available at no cost. The funding for the tool was provided by the HUD Sustainable Communities Grant. The tool can be downloaded at no cost on our downloads page.

Is there a user's manual available for Envision Tomorrow+?

Yes, the manual is available by visiting our downloads page.

How do I create a new building prototype?

The easiest way to create a new building prototype is by finding the existing building prototype that is closest to what you are trying to create, saving a copy, renaming the copy and opening the file then changing the parameters and assumptions in the pink cells to the assumptions to the desired building.

I am finished painting my first scenario, how do I add or change scenarios?

In the ET+ Paint Tool locate the Edit Scenarios button. By pushing this button you will have the option to edit scenarios 1-5.

Where can I find the documentation for Envision Tomorrow+?

The documentation for Envision Tomorrow+ can be found here and training materials here.

The buildings in the summary spreadsheet are not what I want to paint in my scenario. How do I change the building prototypes in the scenario spreadsheet?

Look for the Building Inputs Tab on your Summary spreadsheet. The "Load Buildings" button is located in the upper left hand corner of the sheet. When you press this button the spreadsheet will look for the location of your building prototypes. By navigating to the correct folder and simply selecting the building prototypes you need, you will be able to see your buildings being loaded into the Summary Spreadsheet.

I have ARC map open and the excel spreadsheet open, but there doesn't seem to be a connection and the spreadsheet isn't being populated?

Make sure that you always connect ET+ in this order:

  1. open ARC map
  2. in ARC map go the File button and then hit the Open Envision File Geodatabase button to select your geodatabase
  3. Again go to the File button, but this time hit the Open Envision Excel File button to select your Excel summary spreadsheet. At this point you should be connected and ready to paint scenarios.
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