Ari Bruening, JD, AICP

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Ari Bruening, JD, AICP

President & CEO 

Phone: 801.303.1459
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Ari Bruening has extensive experience in visioning and implementation efforts for regions and large-scale projects. Prior to joining Envision Utah, he helped manage visioning and entitlement projects for the San Diego region; Laie, Hawaii; the 93,000-acre Kennecott Land Company project in Salt Lake County; the 175,000-acre Superstition Vistas Arizona state trust land parcel; and the 300,000-acre Deseret Ranches of Florida landholding near the Orlando International Airport. He represented Kennecott Land Company in the land use planning and approval effort for over 90,000 acres on Salt Lake's West Bench, including the 4,000-acre Daybreak community that has received widespread acclaim.

Ari, an AICP certified planner, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, where he was an editor for the Harvard Law Review. He is the author of "The TDR Siren Song: The Problems with Transferable Development Rights Programs and How to Fix Them," 23 Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law 423 (2008) and "Old Regionalism, New Regionalism, and Envision Utah: Making Regionalism Work," 118 Harvard Law Review 2291 (2005), and a co-author of "Sprawl & Local Government Taxation Regimes: Cause & Effect" in Urban Sprawl: A Comprehensive Reference (2005).

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