Disaster Resilience

This year’s Spring Breakfast will focus on one of the most important questions facing our state: What does it take to be truly ready for a major disaster? True disaster resilience is about more than 72-hour kits. It’s about whether or not our cities, our state, or our economy can function following massive devastation. If a major earthquake hit today, we’d be right to worry about roads, water lines, and power, but do we also know how many jobs would be lost immediately? Or how many families would be forced to leave the state entirely? Would we be back to pre-disaster levels ten years later? Join us at the Spring Breakfast to take stock of the dangers we face, how prepared we truly are, and, most importantly, what it will take to become truly resilient to major disasters.

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Lisa Grow Sun, J.D. | Brigham Young University, Professor of Law

Lisa Sun is a native Utahn and renowned expert in disaster law. She co-chaired the Disaster Resilience Action Team for the Your Utah, Your Future process, in which she worked with Utah's leading disaster readiness experts to model the effects of major earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding—and to identify the state's biggest vulnerabilities.
Lisa is also co-author of the leading disaster law book in the country and teaches disaster law and constitutional law at Brigham Young University. Earlier in her career, Lisa was the first woman to graduate first in her class from Harvard Law School and the first woman to graduate summa cum laude (plus the first summa cum laude in 15 years). She has clerked for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and was a lecturer at Stanford Law School and a guest lecturer at Tsinghua University in Beijing.
Lisa has three teenaged children, and her husband runs one of Utah's fastest-growing tech companies. Together, they've built their home right on the Wasatch Fault.

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