Envision Utah Releases Education Values Study

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Utahns at large demonstrate significant support for improving education in the state. They consistently rank education as one of the top priorities for the state or one of the issues they’re most concerned about for the future. Conversely, Utahns rank the state’s performance on education as among the worst compared to other priorities. 

Additionally, Envision Utah’s Your Utah, Your Future effort found that there is not only shared concern for education, but also significant agreement on what should be done. Out of nearly 53,000 Utahns surveyed, 78% selected a scenario for the future of education that included sustained, targeted funding for proven, effective strategies to place Utah among the top ten states for educational outcomes. The Your Utah, Your Future process resulted in a vision for the future of education in Utah that is broadly supported among both experts and the public.

In light of this shared interest in improving education in Utah, Envision Utah will lead a process to bring together education groups, key education stakeholders, policymakers, and others to

  1. Create a culture of high educational achievement among all Utahns, including understanding and support for the most effective educational strategies as well as prioritization of learning and education within each household, and
  2.  Ensure there are mechanisms, policies, and funding in place to implement the most effective educational strategies and improve education across the state.

Many organizations, including Envision Utah, have identified key educational strategies that would significantly improve educational outcomes in the state of Utah. Envision Utah’s multi-year process will help implement those strategies and accomplish the following:

  1. Facilitate the collaboration of existing education-focused groups and stakeholders in Utah to create a unified action strategy that aligns common interests and builds support from additional stakeholders to improve education in the state.
  2. Significantly improve public understanding of the current status and trends of education outcomes in Utah as compared to other places nationally and globally and to shifting economic realities.
  3. Help Utah parents and children understand that high educational achievement is increasingly critical to individual, family, and community economic success.
  4. Inform the public about, and demonstrate broad public support for, highly leveraged strategies—including both policies and private actions—that will improve educational achievement in the state.

Envision Utah’s role is not to diminish the influence of organizations already working to improve education in Utah, or to distract them from their unique missions. Instead, as a 3rd party convener and neutral facilitator, Envision Utah will strengthen their efforts by facilitating their coordination and collaboration regarding their common goals.

Education Values Study

This summer, Envision Utah spearheaded a values study focused on discovering how Utahns feel about a variety of issues related to education. 

Our first release focuses on the perceived view of education in Utah. See the results here.

Our second release focuses on Utah teachers. Education_Values_and_Teachers_Envision_Utah.pdf

Stay tuned as we continue to release study findings.