Provo Clean Air Toolkit Release

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Utahns envision a future with clean air year-round so that they and their families can lead healthy, active lives and enjoy Utah’s beautiful outdoors. They also see good air quality as essential to economic growth. Utahns want clean air now and for the long term. To ensure a healthy, prosperous future for their children and grandchildren, Utahns envision everyone making adjustments to their businesses, communities, and behaviors that will result in cleaner air.

 In 2014, Provo was awarded a grant by Utah Clean Air (UCAIR) to pursue a “Clean Air Toolkit” for the city. The toolkit’s goal was to present local residents and businesses with a centralized list of strategies they could use to achieve cleaner air in Utah County, and to make clean air the common goal of Provo City’s strategic planning and operations. Provo worked with Envision Utah and Alta Planning to develop this list.

The Provo Clean Air Toolkit was released on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017. Click here to visit the website and learn more about the many ways we can improve air in Provo and across the state.

The launch letter from the Mayor's Office can be found here.

Provo City's press release is as follows:

Today, Provo City launched the Provo Clean Air Toolkit. It’s a website with specific steps everyone in Provo can take to start to clean up our air. You can find it at along with more details in the attached. 

We encourage everyone to visit the toolkit, learn about what you can do to make sure our air is cleaner, and start to take action.

Pollution comes from a lot of sources, so there’s no single solution. It will take each of us doing what we can to reduce our emissions to keep our air healthy for ourselves and our families.

That’s why in 2015, Provo City set out to create an ambitious toolkit to guide future efforts to clear the air. Through a partnership with UCAIR, and with the facilitation of Envision Utah, the city held a series of public meetings throughout 2015 to find the most effective steps for achieving cleaner air. There are steps for everyone in Provo—families, business leaders, students, educators, civil servants, and elected officials alike. The end result is a helpful website and an invitation to all of us to lift where we stand in improving air quality year-round. When Provo acts, Utah takes notice. Provo’s example will show other communities what they can do to tackle this issue.

We invite and recommend every resident of Provo read and work to implement the recommendations in the Provo Clean Air Toolkit.

Mayor John Curtis