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Governor Herbert issues plea for former teachers to return to the classroom

Published in What's Current


This month we held a press conference at the capitol with Governor Herbert, State Superintendent Syd Dickson, and 2017–18 Teacher of the Year Aaryn Birchell to issue a plea for former teachers to return to the classroom, and for students and professionals interested in changing careers to consider teaching.

Governor Herbert and Superintendent Dickson acknowledged that while progress has been made in the last year, there's still work to be done to make teaching a more attractive career – including increasing teacher compensation. As Ms. Birchell put it, "The working environment of a teacher becomes the learning environment of our kids."

That's why we've spent the last nine months working with our teacher initiative group to create and implement a four-part strategy to address the teacher shortage:

  1. Recruit students into Utah's academic teacher prep programs
  2. Retain great teachers
  3. Re-engage former educators
  4. Elevate the perception of the profession as a whole 


Speakers also highlighted, a website and survey that will provide districts and schools with contact and other information of teachers interested in returning to the profession. We've been thrilled with some stellar press coverage and over 1,000 responses to the survey.

See some of that coverage at the bottom of the page and stay tuned as we work find solutions to the Utah teacher shortage. And if you know any former teachers who might be interested in coming back, be sure to point them to!