Envision Utah's 2019 Spring Breakfast

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This year’s Spring Breakfast focused on one of the most important questions facing our state: What does it take to be truly ready for a major disaster? Click here for an event recap and photos!

New Orleans lost 30 percent of its jobs and half its population after Hurricane Katrina, and, more than a decade later, the city had still not fully recovered. Across the globe, economists speculated that it would take New Zealand 50 to 100 years to recover from a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck Christchurch. And after wildfires devastated entire towns in California, some residents asked local leaders if the towns would be rebuilt at all.

True disaster resilience is about more than 72-hour kits. It’s about whether or not our cities, our state, or our economy can function following massive devastation. If a major earthquake hit today, we’d be right to worry about roads, water lines, and power, but do we also know how many jobs would be lost immediately? Or how many families would be forced to leave the state entirely? Would we be back to pre-disaster levels ten years later?

See you at next year's Spring Breakfast!

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