Capacity Building

Envision Utah has been invited to share our regional visioning expertise and award winning scenarios planning approach with over 100 regions in the United States and 17 Foreign Countries. Envision Utah offers support and assistance to communities and regions across the country so they can make more informed decisions, enhance quality of life, and better plan for their future.

This Capacity Building effort facilitates peer to peer learning opportunities to exchange ideas, discuss successful strategies, and collaborate with communities facing similar challenges across the country. As Envision Utah shares our experience and tools with other regions, we, in turn, learn things that we can apply here in Utah.

Sample Academies

Envision Utah provides a comprehensive program for regions and communities interested in learning about visioning and scenario planning processes. Academies are inherently flexible: we tailor teaching, interactive activities, and work group sessions to your needs, and involve expert staff and peers who are in the trenches for a creative, but real-world approach.

Visioning Your Future

This academy enables a region or community interested in embarking on a visioning or planning process to understand components of a successful effort. The academy blends presentations and training, group-assessment worksheets and conversations, and follow-up peer exchange conversations for long-term learning and application. It makes use of A Guide to Regional Visioning: Mapping the Course for Successful Community Engaged Planning, a publication filled with lessons learned, interactive examples, and discussion starting worksheets.

Envisioning Post Visioning Success

This particular cluster of training sessions enables regions and communities who have recently been through a major visioning or planning process to create a roadmap for process success by assessing strategic, organizational, capacity, and funding ability in the context of established vision and goals.
Topics include:


  • Moving from vision to an implementation strategy
  • Stakeholder mapping for sustained inclusion and implementation
  • Assessment of organizational structure and institutional capacity for long-term success
  • Assessment of funding mechanisms for ongoing operations and vision implementation projects


Envisioning Post Visioning Success: Selected Topics

This academy enables communities and regions to apply our existing envisioning curriculum to a specific implementation challenge. Envision Utah provides contextualized training by integrating faculty that have direct experience with an implementation effort similar to your own. This academy includes virtual pre-academy meetings, an in-person academy, and virtual post-academy follow up. Participants leave having completed significant work toward developing an actionable implementation strategy for a pressing planning goal. Interested in the Utah story? Schedule an in-state academy for tours and lessons from Utah leadership.


Rural Regions Workshop

pdfWorkshop Materials


One on One Assistance

Though Envision Utah’s core mission is to serve Utah communities, we are happy to share lessons learned (and take lessons home!). Recently, Envision Utah has provided advisory assistance to groups is Detroit, the Greater Yellowstone area, western North Dakota, the Piedmont Triangle, Omaha, and Eugene. We have also received visitors from China and Afghanistan.


sm-Chinese delegation

From left to right Mdm. Zhu Hua Ping, Vice Chairman of Xining People's Congress Mr. Liu Jianqi, Head of the Xining Delegation Mr. Liu Fa'De, Vice Chairman, Xining People's Political Concultive Conference


Regional Visioning Guidebook Download/Worksheets

landing-smRead more and view the Regional Visioning Guidebook Here 


Additional Info

  • Project Type: Forums, Local Visioning, Regional Visioning
  • Project Date: 2014