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Utah County Agriculture Toolbox

Three in four Utahns believe that farming and ranching are critical to the state, but some of Utah’s best agricultural lands face enormous pressure to be converted into housing, businesses, and communities. The Utah County Agriculture Toolbox is a set of tools and strategies that can help agriculture thrive in Utah County while meeting the needs of a rapidly growing county. 

Envision Utah has spent more than a year working with farmers, county leaders, developers, agriculture experts and others to identify tools and strategies to protect and preserve agriculture in Utah County. These strategies, which include best practices and more, will help Utahns understand what needs to be done to achieve their vision for Utah's agriculture. 

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Vision for the future of agriculture

Utahns envision feeding their families with healthy, high-quality food grown in Utah. They see an abundance of locally grown products as part of a healthy lifestyle that will improve the quality of life for them and future generations. Utahns also envision being more self-reliant and less dependent on other states and countries to provide their food. They also want a future in which Utah’s food industry provides jobs across the state. To learn more about Utahn's vision for agriculture from the Your Utah Your Future process, click here

Utah County Agriculture Plan

Envision Utah has spent more than a year working with Utah County to create an agriculture toolbox—a set of strategies to improve the sustainability of agriculture as an industry in Utah.

Utah ranchers produce enough meat and eggs to meet most of our protein needs. Utah agriculture, however, does not currently produce anywhere close to enough fruits or vegetables to feed ourselves without relying on imports from elsewhere, and much of our prime farmland on the Wasatch Front is disappearing due to urban development.

Did you know?

Agriculture remains an important economic engine for Utah. Agricultural production and processing account for
• $17.5 billion in economic output for Utah
• Approximately 78,000 jobs and $2.7 billion in income
• Contributes more than 14% to our economy

Statewide Self-Sufficiency

ag self sufficiency

 The Future of the Farm in Utah County

Agriculture is a big part of Utah County’s heritage. As Utah County continues to grow, it will be ever more difficult to provide a source of local foods that is sufficient to feed even a fraction of Utah County’s rapidly growing population. The population of Utah County is predicted to double by 2040, and as Salt Lake County’s developable land disappears growth may move even more rapidly southward. Certain fruits and vegetables can only be grown in areas where the micro-climate is favorable, many of which are in Utah County and in the path of growth.

Utah County has the land, water, knowledge, and ability to produce local food. However, current trends present challenges that include the loss of agricultural land and water to other uses because of the conversion of agricultural lands to residential and commercial areas. Food producing land is being developed at a rate that will leave almost no land to grow fruit and vegetables in the next several decades. If we act now to protect some of these resources, agriculture in Utah County can survive and even thrive, but this would require a publically backed strategic plan for the long term that is supported by farmers and ranchers and matches Utah County values.

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