Utah Water Strategy Recommendations

In 2013, Governor Gary Herbert asked the State Water Strategy Advisory Team to make recommendations for a 50-year state water strategy. This long-range strategy will help ensure Utah has the water resources that will maintain a high quality of life, a healthy environment, and a thriving economy for generations to come even as Utah’s population doubles by 2060. Envision Utah has facilitated the advisory team, and the team’s efforts were part of the Your Utah, Your Future project, where more than 52,000 Utahns weighed in on their priorities for the future of Utah. The advisory team has also put in countless hours of research, intense discussion, and listening to the public to write these recommendations.

Utah faces a daunting challenge. We have the distinction of being both one of the driest states in the nation and one of the fastest growing. At the convergence of those two realities is the challenge of providing water for a population that is projected to nearly double by 2060 while maintaining strong farms and industries and healthy rivers, lakes, wetlands, and aquifers.

The recommendations that follow do not constitute a prescriptive plan for providing water supplies over the next 50 years; the information and data to definitively create such a plan do not currently exist. Instead, these recommendations provide strategic direction and represent common ground upon which the needed information can be gathered and future decisions can be made. In the Utah tradition of working together to solve difficult problems, the Team has volunteered countless hours to define, plan for, and ultimately achieve a shared, long-term vision. Though additional planning and implementation will be required of stakeholders and the public in years to come, the team has elevated water analysis and discourse to a new level and produced this water strategy with what is likely the broadest and most inclusive body of water expertise that has come together in the history of our state. 


View the Recommended State Water Strategy Document

You can download the document by clicking on the link below. This is the finalized version that the advisory team has presented to Governor Herbert.

 Download the Recommended State Water Strategy Document


Water Strategy Advisory Team


Tage Flint
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

Tim Hawkes
Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Cooperative, Inc. & Utah House of Representatives
Warren Peterson
Farmland Reserve Inc.


Tom Adams
Utah Governor's Office of Outdoor Recreation

Walt Baker
Utah Division of Water Quality

Richard Bay
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

Todd Bingham
Utah Manufactures Association

Joel Briscoe
Utah House of Representatives

Sterling Brown
Utah Farm Bureau

Charley Bulletts
Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

Steve Clyde
Clyde Snow Attorneys at Law

Lynn de Freitas
Friends of Great Salt Lake

Joan DeGiorgio
The Nature Conservancy, Utah Chapter

Keith Denos
Provo River Water Users Association

Stephanie Duer
Salt Lake City Public Utilities

Joanna Endter-Wada
Utah State University

Steve Erickson
Great Basin Water Network

Bob Fotheringham
Cache County Water Manager

Robert Gillies
State Climatologist

Keith Grover
State Representative

Jodi Hoffmann
Utah League of Cities and Towns

Scott Jenkins
Utah Senate

Kent Jones
State Engineer

Voneene Jorgensen
Bear River Water Conservancy District

JT Martin
IWM Integrated

Dan McCool
University of Utah

Eric Millis
Division of Water Resources


Leland Myers
Central Davis Sewer District

Ralph Okerlund
Utah Senate

Shane Pace
Sandy City Public Utilities

Dale Pierson
Rural Water Association of Utah

Wayne Pullan
Bureau of Reclamation

Gene Shawcroft
Central Utah Water Conservancy District

Mark Sovine
Grand County Water and Sewer District

Ron Thompson
Washington County Water Conservancy District

Jane Whalen
Citizens for Dixie's Future

Jody Williams
Holland and Hart