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We’re no longer recording results, but the Your Utah, Your Future survey will continue to be available as a resource and reference for all of us! Come back any time to take the survey again or simply to see the choices that we face as our state grows! You can explore the survey at

Recent News and Updates

  • Clean Air Action Team 2014/15 Recommendations

    Clean Air Action Team 2014/15 Recommendations

    Poor air quality during certain periods of the year ranks as Utahns' greatest concern about their quality of life, and it threatens not only our health but our economy as we seek to recruit and retain businesses and a high-quality workforce.

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  • Envision Utah Hit Its Goal

    SL TRIB 5/28 — A major online polling effort on Utah's future comes to an end this weekend, and its sponsors already have hit their goal of hearing from 50,000 residents. . . .

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  • Envision Layton— Share Your Voice!

    Envision Layton— Share Your Voice!

    Layton City's population will grow to more than 100,000 people by 2050. The kind place it becomes is the focus of the Envision Layton process, a once in a generation opportunity for Layton residents to think together about the future. . . .

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